The Sims Social – I dont get it

Could please be someone so kind and explain to me the fascination with the sims-games?

I never played one of these, but last week, I tried the sims social on facebook. I played a bit the next days but all in all I find this game quite boring. My sim felt like one of these old tamagochis, you remember? – feeding him, sending him to the bathroom, keeping him happy: Its a game about a live! All the things you do in your every-day routine – why would you want to play this as a game O.o. Why not just go out and live the life you want – why doing it with an avatar.

I can understand the allure of a lot of games. I myself love good rpgs (my gatewaydrug: baldurs gate 2  *.* – Ill never forget you, oh my first love *sigh* ). But the Sims??? Why?!? Its just so unappealing, boring, senseless from my point of view. Please explain ‘o.o`


~ by recklessraccoon on January 29, 2012.

One Response to “The Sims Social – I dont get it”

  1. In my opinion, it is the allure of an alter ego to experience a world with no physical consequence.

    Like RPG’s, you experience another world from the perspective of your avatar. Though the game provides you limitations or requirements, the idea of a world you can pursue and experiment. Diverting from The Sims, military sim games Like Armed Assault provide you a perspective of a soldier but not necessarily put you in harms way. If you fail, you respawn and try again but with all the knowledge of your previous engagement to guide you.

    Generally this is our escape to a world like ours where we are given an environment we can experience things we wouldn’t necessarily experience in reality.

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