Better than others

Not long ago, I talked with a friend of mine, M. about some old classmates (we both were at the same school and are currently studying) .

I told her about S., a girl I was very good friend with, but now have almost nothing to do with anymore. There was a catch-up-meeting some weeks ago with her and some other old friends. When arranging this meeting, her comments where always bitchy, like “I dont have time that day!” “Is anybody asking me when I have time ?” everything that came from here was dripping with some kind of annoying arrogance .

That was what I told M. Her reply was:

M: “Hmm…She didnt study, right? She did an aprrenticeship, right?”

me: O.o “Well….aehm..yeah. But what has that to do with it?”

M.: “You see, I dont have any contact anymore with a lot of people who were very close to me. They did an apprenticeship and when I started studying, they started acting strange…arrogant even. They started to detache themself from me.”

M. was quite sad about that. I know one of these people and they were pretty close. What surprised me, was that she was right – I just never really realized it: A lot of people I’ve met/worked with (f.e. Ive worked in a bakery, as a weitress,..) had this partial arrogant attitude (I want to stress here – not all of course! some of them). I had once even a conversation with a girl who worked with me in a bakery about the same topic.

She: “Students are all big arrogant stupid idiots”

I stood there, with wide eyes, and a little voice in me demonstrated “But…but I’m nice ;_;” It is like there are some people out there, who arent satisfied with themself or their jobs, so they are going defensive even at the thought of people with a college education – and they attack them, before anyone can attack themself. What surprises me is this generalization of a whole group of people. Idiots exist everywhere. And sure, there are arrogant students – but of course not all of them. Youre not a better person with or without a degree. There are far more important things in life. Your job, money, education says nothing about the character of a person. Its that kind of small-mindedness I despise. No matter what group of people is concerned. Someone who makes such a dumb statement is always an idiot.

Thats a generalization I stand behind.


~ by recklessraccoon on January 14, 2012.

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