The Art of Procrastination

…after all, it is an artform, isnt it?

Im sitting here, with my freshly brewed cup of green tea and Im worried. I shockingly discovered that this was my last green tea-bag – so how am I supposed to keep on working through the next hours!? (and no, coffee isnt an option – its almost 9pm here and I just dont like coffee this late in the evening).

Of course, if I had worked earlier this day, I would be done by now, but wheres the fun in that? (ok, working late isnt so much fun either…). It would all go a lot easier if you would just sit down at your desk and work (big test next week – normaly should be motivation enough, right?)

Again and again Im amazed how much time you can spend, randomly clicking through the internet, wirting this mail, reading that article, but its all so interesting out of the sudden! And whooooooooooooosh – day is over!

One of my favorite videos about Procrastination comes from Lev Yilmaz. He pretty much summes it up. Btw, check out the rest of his work. Pretty nice videos – and a great way of not doing what youre supposed to do right now.

ps…perhaps Im getting a coffee after all -.-


~ by recklessraccoon on January 11, 2012.

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