Hello there!

I’m Reckless Raccoon

New on this blogging-site (though not new on blogging), I’d like to sum up my intentions behind this blog, which are quite unspectacular and common:

First, I’d like to write down things that just concern me or I find interesting. This concerns political-cultural-media stuff as well as personal every-day stuff. I like to write, but dont do it as much as I would like. Having a blog should motivate me to hit the keyboard more.

Second, discussion. Im always interessted in comments, exchange in thoughts and critic.

I wont write about every annoying tiny aspect of my live – what I had for breakfast or the colour of my socks. These kinds of posts I leave to people without an actual life (oh hello possible first blog-topic!)

Last, I want to excuse possible errors in my typing. They may result of the simple fact that I’m german. Im writing in english because in english, its possible to reach far more people around the world then with german.

If you have any questions, please, ask away!

Enjoy the blog,

Reckless Raccoon


~ by recklessraccoon on January 10, 2012.

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